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London Fashion Week -Ecoluxe

Submitted on Thu, 15th Sep 2011 at 8:56

It's London's turn again. Fashion Week hits us with it's labels revealing their latest collections. I will avoid the eco/ethical take on all this glamour -the cyclic disposable consumption, you've heard it all before, except to say I am glad Ecoluxe has become an established part of the scene and Hooray! I am a part of it this season. It's like Esthetica, an exhibition of eco/ethical fashion and accessories, but more aimed at the luxury end. September 2011 is it's third show and its even bigger than the last times with around 45 exhibitors, actress and eco campaigner Donna Air opening it, and many partners and sponsors such as Melvita (organic beauty products) and Earth Hairdressing teaming up to give free mini pampering sessions. I've got to get back to preparing my shibori clothes and textiles but here is a sneak preview of a few of my favourites who will be exhibiting. I am not going to harp on about their green credentials, check out the websites for more details, simply enjoy them for the wonderful designers they are.

The two directors and organisers of Ecoluxe are very talented designers. Stamo makes incredibly detailed perfectly made sculptural like garments, mostly evening dresses. This is a very long, very perfectly made dress, the pink showing through slits at the sides.


Elena Garcia's dresses are just so beautiful as I have mentioned before in another article so just one image this time.

Elena Garcia

Lucy Tammam makes beautiful wedding dresses and fashion with a hint of the past giving them a really classic but modern feel. The peace silk she uses means they are often a fabulous off white colour that is simply gorgeous. Here's one I shall be wearing if I get married again.


My favourite shoe designer is possibly Hetty Rose so I'm really looking forward to gazing across at her creations at Ecoluxe, I hope our stands are close. The shoes are made with antique fabrics, usually kimono fabric and are simply stunning and feminine, what a wonderful combination. If I do really well I think I may buy a pair of her shoes.


And finally, I will be at Ecoluxe so here is one of mine! I am originally a shibori textile artist so the dyeing is a really special part of my clothes.


Ecoluxe is taking place during London Fashion Week at the lovely Kingsway Hall Hotel, 66 Great Queen St, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5BX on Sunday 18th Sept 12.30-8pm & Monday 19th Sept 9am-8pm, do join us!