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Cancer, Hair Loss and Beautifull Silk Pillowcases

Submitted on Mon, 30th May 2011 at 12:45

Two of my friends are undergoing chemotherapy at the moment. Hopefully everything will go fairly smoothly and they will live long happy lives after all the stress of the moment. They are women and one of their fears is hair loss, we do love our hair! My friend who has had a few sessions already has said that although she has kept her hair (possibly through using a cold cap) it has become dry and brittle, it breaks easily.


I have been sleeping with a silk pillowcase for a while now because it is much gentler on my hair and when I wake up it’s not so messy and wild. So I did some research on the internet this week to see what advice there is out there for cancer sufferers and care of their hair.


Yes! There is quite a bit saying that cotton is both rough on hair (they catch on cotton and break) and that it draws out moisture from the hair, further drying out and making hair more brittle. A pillowcase made of silk rather than cotton is recommended as it is far smoother and so more gentle on your hair and because it does not dry hair. There are also arguments that it is better for your skin too, with a silk pillowcase you get less wrinkles and sleep lines, for the same reasons –silk’s smoother surface and non-moisture stealing properties.


These are the two pillowcases I made this week. If you are interested in having a silk pillowcase it’s very simple to make one up yourself from a long line of silk fabric if you have a sewing machine, or if you would like one with my shibori dyeing on please use the contact page to get in touch with me.