Ilya Fisher

Handmade silk skirts & tops, textile art and cards


Beautiful handmade and dyed silk skirts and tops, cards & more...

Beautiful cards available, please click here to view the full range.

Combining stunning shibori designs with beautiful shapes and fabrics, ilya fisher bring you clothes that both look beautiful and feel fabulous to wear.

Georgeously draping skirts worn on the waist or hips with a 'bustle' at the side for a more casual look and at the back for a more sophisticated evening look. Tops with a glamourous cowling neckline at the front and halterneck at back

All garments are made and dyed in our London premises using metal free dyes with careful sourcing of silks and natural shell buttons to reduce impact on the environment.

Take a look at our textile artwork, unique contemporary mounted or framed pieces made from a combination of distressed, felted and dyed fabrics. Our cards are a taster of the larger art work, each a small piece of textile art. No two the same.